Mission Statement

BMT Mosaic is representative of the lightweight mobile phone protection shell for, its width is about 11 cm, the height is about 21.4 cm, from the front to the back of the thickness is about 1.5 cm, the protection of the shell wall thickness is only about 0.55 mm. In weight, BMT Mosaic is only about 43 grams.

Although very thin, but BMT Mosaic can protect your mobile phone appearance surface is not scratched, away from the fingerprint can stain, or even fall on the mobile phone by accident, can also play a role of buffering and protection of a little. This product also has the design is very fashion, behind the mosaic pattern can produce a "glittering" glare effect. BMT Mosaic has three kind of colors, they are white, red and cherry Bingqing cappuccino Coffee color. Advantage: the apple iPhone 5s than the previous generation of iPhone mobile phone also slim, feel better, upgrade to lifeproof iphone 5s cases, visual range, resolution of 1136x640 pixels, the display effect is very clear. The disposition aspect, this machine is not only equipped with the latest iOS 6 operating system, but also equipped with an apple A6 dual core processor, the processor faster, energy consumption is relatively small. In addition, 8000000 pixel camera performance at the back of the fuselage is still good.

Disadvantages: as parallel and Samsung GALAXY S4 case is currently the highest degree of concern of the mobile phone, the apple iPhone 5 even if there are such that the criticism, do not become people to buy its disorders. IPhone 5 the appearance of change, no matter is the screen extension or the back design unique, or let us find everything fresh and new. The configuration of the ascension is also very good, has a similar panoramic picture / Siri and other new features, the use of the new iOS 6 system. But as Apple's flagship product, iPhone 5 since the publication of constant controversy. First of all, the mobile phone off paint is already quite helpless, white version fortunately, black version of paint off phenomenon is particularly serious. Two other issues is a commonplace talk of an old scholar's life, one is poor, criticized iPhone 5 still has not changed the previous generation products. Another is the price, compared with cheap iphone 5s cases listed at the beginning of the price as high as 5000 yuan, this also scare away a lot of consumers.


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